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Thread: My 2006 Honda Foreman

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    My 2006 Honda Foreman

    This came up for sale in my area. My fiance will use it mainly. It is very clean. 6,000KM on it. 600 hours. We have a couple ATV clubs around my igloo. Something to have some fun on it. It did not have a ownership. I had to go through the loops and get one today. Got my plate and put insurance on it. Looking forward to getting out on it when I get better. . I got a new trailer for Christmas.


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    Utility is it's own world of fun, exploring fun. I have a 2015 rancher 420 duct eps irs top of line model. I build frame up with 15 miles on it due to owner letting outside 1 year and not using a salt shield when plowing. Has about 600 miles now. Utility guys don't service anything, most are junk after 10 years. I have a rincon 680 also I'm going to build up I think. 3300 miles on it but got it off a buddy for 3k 2007. He had two and only bought it for his neighbor but he never paid him after 3 years. Does everything my buddys over priced broken framed canams do just not as quick and harder to steer when climbing hills in 4x4.

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    Really nice! Foreman is a reliable machine.

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    Good sized quads.

    Not too large to fit down smaller trails, and not a Jeep sized cluster to remove if stuck. You've even got room left in your trailer.
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