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Thread: What year parts fit 1983 ATC250R frame?

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    What year parts fit 1983 ATC250R frame?

    I have a bare 1983 ATC250R frame that I’m converting to two wheel. It would make things so much easier if I knew what other year parts will bolt up. Specifically; foot pegs, triples, gas tank, seat, rear master cylinder and brake pedal.

    Be nice�� it’s my first post.

    a seller on Marketplace just told me that 81-82 are the same, 83-84 are the same and 85-86 are the same. I would hope that there is additional
    flexibility than this. Are the mounts really that different across the years for the tank, pegs, seat and brakes? He has 85-86 parts.
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    83 and 84 have subtle differences not unlike the 85-86. Everything will work between 83 and 84 EXCEPT the rear end. The swingarms are absolutely different. When you set up for the rear end get either get an ALL 83 or an All 84. You’ll thank me later. Also, the 84 is supposed to have a hotter spark. I have not confirmed this but have it on good authority. Best of luck!
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