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Thread: Barn find: 1985 Honda "Racing 3 Wheeler"

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    I hear alot of funny three wheeler stories. A couple years ago I was in my driveway getting the trikes ready for a race.A sheriff patrol car pulls across the end of the driveway heading against traffic.My first thought was someone did something stupid on an atv and I was going to get the 5th degree or some other crap .Turns out the deputy was a 250r fan told me about having a liquid R as a kid.We talked for about an hour.Another funny part to this is just before the deputy pulled up my new neighbor was talking to me about his BigRed .He says to me (Its hard to tell the Honda trikes apart my Bigred looks like your trikes)I had my 85 250r, 83 300r and my 200x sitting in the driveway.
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    Maybe you should have invited him to bring his over to learn the differences?

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    Back when I was looking for an R in the late 80s, I came across a real racing R. It was a 200R that had been raced at the national level. I passed on it. I wonder what it would be worth now.
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    A lot of people have a passing interest in 3 wheelers. Just enough attention to know they're red, have three wheels, and smoke (the four strokes smoke the worst).

    The 'racing' thing isn't just a 3 wheeler phenomenon. People have been throwing the term 'English Racer' around for nearly a century, in regards to English 3 speed bicycles.

    From Sheldon Brown's website. (a bicycle guru if there was one) The frustration is relatable.

    "In some parts of the U.S. this type of bicycle was known among people who didn't know any better as an "English Racer", although they are a far cry from a racing design. Please don't call these bikes "English Racers!" while they are very nice bicycles, they have no connection whatever with racing; it is foolish and ignorant to refer to them this way."

    The story of three wheels and a man...

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