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Thread: 85 350x idle problems

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    85 350x idle problems

    Just put a new exhaust on my 85 350x custom built by Gotham, and they recommended 160 50 jets . I've never jetted a carb before and 100%I'm new and dont know what it really does but I did what they said . It started 2nd kick and sounded AMAZING, but it didnt want to idle AT ALL. If I held the gas a little, it sputtered bad, if I revved it , it sounded perfect. But if I gave no gas it died. Also the spark plug was black when I took it out . Got a few new ones for next try

    So what is the issue ? We leave for glamis next week and I don't know what to try next ? Different jets? Air leak? Should I go to stock jets? I bought a kit of jets so I have many just hate taking everything apart to just do jets and have to do it over again but I guess that is how I learn . Any info is great! Thank you!!

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    I would go to a smaller idle jet. That sounds big to me. Also did you remove your air box lid? I would.

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    How many turns out is your fuel screw?

    Did you bump up the idle at all to try and get it to idle on its own?

    I wouldn’t open up the carb until you play with these two adjustments first.

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