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Thread: Bought two more trikes today

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    Bought two more trikes today

    A childhood friend was trying to upgrade to a bigger trike and I picked up two of his four trikes. I picked up:

    Another 225 DX. I ran up to about a year ago. Has some carb issues.

    A 83 Big Red 200E. Ran in the last year has some carb issues. Needs a little more TLC then the 225 DX. I paid $650 for both trikes and he delivered them (have the Big Red). Best part my wife hasnt noticed it the garage even walking by it lol.

    I already have a 225 DX. My initial thoughts are to keep the second DX for a spare and make my money back. I have a friend who is interested in the Big Red. His Dad has a 82 200 without the electric start. Im planning on using the bike I have as a deer hauler. I have a 2 mile walk back and forth to the truck. In a MI winter it sucks to drag a deer. Thats the primary use. Im a large guy. About 67 and about 300 lbs. Am I thinking about this right?

    Keeping the DXs:
    - runs already
    - better suspension
    - shaft driven
    - a spare bike for parts - harder to find parts
    - less racks
    - more get up then the 200 (raced the buddy on his dad)


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    If you're going to use your trike to haul stuff between your truck and deer stand, you may want to have the racks. Other than that, it's your choice. My honest opinion is that you should keep them all.

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    I'm sure doesn't mind that you bought 2 trikes. Lol.

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    Halligan, that machine will do you just fine to haul both carcasses, you and the deer back an forth, lol. If a 250# guy can ride a atc 70 just fine..............!
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    Good deal.

    Sticking with trikes you already know and own is more economical. Accumulating spare parts is more practical and buying whole parts trikes more reasonable. You'll know better what to look for when buying used, and won't get nearly as many surprises later.

    Over anything except really rough terrain, an ATV trailer is better for hauling. More stable and higher capacity. Most trikes without racks can still have a tow hitch installed or built.

    The DXs are pretty slick looking too!
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    Keep them both man. Not everyone get's the same sweet deal that you've just had.

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