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Thread: WTB the following parts for my 81 ATC200

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    WTB the following parts for my 81 ATC200


    Im new here again but I used to be on here about 15 years ago but forgot my original login info.

    I hare recently acquired 2 atc200ís and Im looking for some items.

    1983 atc200

    - friction spring for decomp assy
    - hook plate for decomp assy
    - rubber bumper for decomp assy.
    I dont necessarily need these but it would be nice to have so my GF And kids can start the bike a lot easier.

    Also, does anyone know the rear tail light bulb number so I can buy one at the local automotive parts store? I would prefer to get an LED bulb but I cant seem to find the number for the incandescent bulb.

    Thank you and glad to be back on here again.


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    The friction spring and bumper are available on 3wheelerworld.com. http://shop.3wheelerworld.com/index....=decompression

    They were selling the whole shebang, with cable, but it's not listed now. Out of stock?

    There are some hook plates on EBay, along with new cables. Here's a YouTube video of how to make a hook plate yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXkBpKWvvgg

    Your trike doesn't have a DC electrical system, so the short answer is you can't use LED bulbs or lights. There are ways to run LEDs on your AC only trike, but without at least a large capacitor (preferably a battery) and regulator/rectifiers, you'll risk damaging or outright blowing any LED you attach.

    There are work arounds, but without a proper DC system, the LEDs will flicker at idle and have a decreased lifespan. The ATC200 doesn't even have a voltage regulator as stock. You could add a simple voltage regulator to keep from blowing the LED, but you'll still have AC and no storage capacity, so the light will flicker at idle, and flickering isn't good for the electronics in a LED light. At the very least, adding a diode to take the strain off of the LED itself may increase it's lifespan, but a full on rectifier would be best. All you'll ever have is a single phase system, regardless.

    DrATV sells a LED 'kit,' but I wouldn't expect the bulb to last. Maybe it will, I don't know for certain because I haven't used it (ones similar though) and I haven't found any reviews online, especially lone term. http://dratv.com/atatatatledh.html

    There are several videos on YouTube about adding LEDs to the 185/200 trikes, but none of them are DC system conversions with electrical storage. The stock bulb doesn't flicker, it just dims at idle. The flickering would get very annoying to me. Disco trike?
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