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Thread: My First Trike - 84 Big Red

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    My First Trike - 84 Big Red


    I grew up around my dad's 200M that he sold a long time ago so the thrill of a trike excites me. A good friend has an older 70 that is in amazing shape that my son loves to ride. I recently bought an 84 Big Red that lived a rough life - but the price was right. They couldn't get it to run good. I drained the gas, put ethanol free fuel in the tank, newer battery, cleaned the spark plug, and it fired right up. Like many other posts I see, it is like someone took the poor thing, it ran, and that's all that mattered.

    I have slowly been getting in back in to safe, usable shape by purchasing new forks because the front end at been hit - because it had been hit the axle was bent so I got a hub. A rear brake cable was used for the front brake, no rear brake handle, foot about 8 inches down to engage the rear brake, and trust me - the list goes on. It does run nice though. It's got a hesitation in 3rd gear, but I haven't put too many miles on it with safety on the brain to troubleshoot that end.

    I did purchase the correct Honda service manual for reference and have been trying to put it back together with Honda OEM, but as I have already seen on this forum that becomes a challenge with non-availability, otherwise quite expensive at times. Right now the only part I can't seem to find are front dust seals. The old ones may be salvageable but are cracked. I can get the nylon guides or make my own. I machined a new axle for the front end.

    It is so close to being rideable, but every step I just find something else that was mickey mouse'd.

    Looking forward to digging in - doing some research, providing insight, and asking questions to folks that know what the heck I am going through. Thanks!
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    When you go to tackle that rear brake, and have to replace the shoes, you need to have that bearing and seal in hand. They're almost always bad unless they've been recently replaced.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You at least need parts #22 & #24.

    To do it right, you should have #24 x 2, and #25.

    Replacing the rear brake shoes on these can be a real pain. I wouldn't want to go back in there more than necessary.

    I think All Balls has a kit with the bearing and two seals for ~$40. No O-ring though.
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    Good to see another PA resident joining up! Bought my first trike about a year or so ago and this forum is so valuable. It's helped me so much. As a newer member and someone a little newer to owning trikes...a warning: these things are so addictive!! My Yamaha 225dx was my gateway drug. haha
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