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Thread: New to the 3 wheeler world

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    New to the 3 wheeler world

    I have always had dirtbikes and eventually had a couple four wheelers. Recently rebuilt a 84 honda xr500r and rip that around. The girlfriend picked up a 1984 kawaski three wheeler prairie 250 that previous owner staed would run on jumper cables and ran great but would die after removing jumper cables. He wasn't sure if battery was to weak or if had other electrical issues. I'm looking to gather information and test all the electrical components on the machine to make it a daily rider again thanks for any and all information and letting me join your forum

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    Welcome to the Madness,

    Sounds like you may have a voltage regulator or stator problem, that's just a guess, I'm a Honda guy
    I would start with a good battery and work your way out from there, sounds like its not charging.
    Could be an easy fix, like a broken wire, keep in mind these bikes are 35 years old.


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