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Thread: Perplexed-Need Help X 4

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    Still finishing this but in the meantime on the other 200 (no letter)...

    So I gave got my cylinder back from the machine shop. I got the piston and cylinder put on, no problem. I went out today after work and was hoping to put the rest together but when I put the cylinder head cover on-my exhaust valve would not move.


    Valves loose-check

    lobes down-check

    Possible problems: I torqued the bolts down too far? (long story and just a possibility-I can't hear as well as I could)

    Also: I had to use a rubber to get the cover to seat correctly. I found the odd but figured it might have been rust on a dowel pin.

    I quit and came home at that point to ask for help. Please excuse the bad pictures. My lens cover is broken and my camera doesn't focus well.

    Also excuse the rust and rvt.

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    will not budge

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    Intake is loose

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    lobes down-dots lined up

    What have I missed? Why is the rocker on the exhaust valve not moving? It did move before I tightened it down.

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    When it comes to the electrical stuff, if you have known good OEM parts, you may want to stick those back for diagnostic use only. I say that because the OE stuff is dang old and it'll all go out sooner or later so just using it for diagnostics/swaptronics is really a money saver.

    Everything besides the CDI is pretty easy to diagnose. It's always nice to have a good CDI in the toolbox for testing.
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