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Thread: Top end rattle help

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    Glade you figured it out and posted your findings so many of these threads never give a ending.
    If its on the internet its got to be true they can't put any lie's on the internet

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    Just a little feedback on pistons and cylinders. I've been boring and honing bike cylinders for 25 years so I've seen it all. The Niche brand are crap for quality control. There isn't any. I set them up and measure them on a sunnen gage which reads down to .0001 inch against a calibrated standard and new out of the box their piston cylinder kits are quite loose. Some are loose by .003" to .006 which is near double the clearance for a cast piston. If you buy their oversize piston and fit it to your cylinder by a reputable machine shop, they work ok. I strongly recommend Wiseco pistons as they are forged blanks. Much stronger, with quality control. OEM pistons or Wiseco pistons are the only ones I will size the cylinder without the piston in hand and the clearance always comes out spot on. Those Niche pistons are $3 pistons they overcharge for. You get a better quality job buying a OEM or Wiseco piston and putting it in your OEM resized cylinder. Break in the piston properly for several hours of easy riding, and change the oil. Use good oil. Don't go to a shop boring cylinders with a hand drill. They have no idea what they are doing. If anyone can't find a good shop PM me I'll size your cylinder properly for $50, which includes return shipping.

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