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Thread: Ottawa Valley Riders (Canada)

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    Ottawa Valley Riders (Canada)

    Hello, is there anyone who rides in the Ottawa Valley? I have an 85 250SX and am looking for other riders or places to ride. Cheers, Jeff

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    I've never rode there, but looking for new places to go. We use to have a ride at the Ganny's, but that hasn't happened for 5 or 6 years now. After my 600x got stolen, my wife and I purchased a sxs. My sx just sits in the corner of my garage
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    Man that suck I wonder what ever happened to the xr600 trike. That was a good build
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    Yes it was very cool! What a shame, some people just plain suck! I have no remorse for a thief!

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    Have you found a trail buddy? I've heard a lot of good things about Ottawa valley but I have never been there.

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