Good day all!

I'm a 65-year old guy that still thinks he's 40. Married 3 years now (together 5) to the love of my life. Funny though--we attended school together all the way from K through 6 before we went different directions. Now here we are together decades later, and a perfect fit!

My family was into anything with wheels since I was born. My dad was a frustrated hot rodder who found motorcycles to be a more affordable way to have fun when you had a big family and only one income. He had a little side business selling parts for Honda one-lungers, earning enough to pay for is own repairs and upgrades. I learned how to ride on a Honda 50 or 55. It was not a step-through model, so dad basically put me on the bike and held it for me. When I was situated I just gunned it and took off. He spent most of his young adult years riding his pride and joy: a Honda S90 that he had hot-rodded. He had an aftermarket cam, custom ground for him by Dempsey Wilson, a carburetor off a 250 I believe, a coil off some kind of car... the list goes on. At a time when he was no longer riding it, I resurrected it from the cobwebs and licensed it for the street, riding it the entire year I was 16. It's still in the family, owned by my brother.

When I was in junior high school I built an entire motorcycle out of his many boxes of parts. He gave me the green light, so I spent hours going through boxes, matching up gears, washers, springs, and every other part with pictures from his manuals. The engine was the first hurdle, but I was limited, and was only able to build a 55cc engine with an automatic. It originally had a vertical carburetor standing on top of the head with no intake manifold. Because I was hoping to use a carburetor off a 90cc bike I had to make a custom intake, so I built one out of a piece of steel exhaust pipe, cutting both flanges out of 1/8" steel and welding them all together. The automatic was converted to a clutch, but still had a full stop (neutral) you had to shift through for second gear. No battery and a toggle for a kill switch, it ended up being a 65 frame with S90 front forks, 55 gas tank, and 55 engine. I had my hands full making it all work. When it came time for me to start it, I was unsure where to start, so I went and woke my old man from his nap, asking me if he would help me start my bike. He chuckled, knowing he was wasting his time, but imagine his (our!) surprise when it started up on the second kick! It was around for a few years before he ended up selling it to somebody... still running like a champ.

One of the few bikes dad bought new was a lime green ATC90. What a hoot! It's a wonder we didn't get killed back then, as it was all about fun, showboatin', and stuff like that--all without helmets. I can't remember how many times those balloon tires ran up the backs of my legs as I skidded to an embarrassed stop...

Fast-forward many years, and while married to my second wife I found a deal on an 84 ATC110 and bought it. I think it was like $350 or less--I can't remember. It got used off and on at her place, pulling a little mini-trailer around with firewood in it or stuff like that. When we divorced, the 3-wheeler went with me of course, but I moved into a teeny duplex, and the poor thing never got ridden. My brother had acreage to I gave it to him. He had lots of other toys, but he did use the 110 to go to the end of his driveway for mail or whatever. Since that time, I bought a house, remarried, and now that my brother has recently moved I've got my 3-wheeler back.

Being the trustworthy, yet underpowered guy the 110 is, I think I'll keep from killing myself on it at least!