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Thread: Delta variant

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    Hmmmmm ..


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    Quote Originally Posted by ironchop View Post
    Many of us didn't fall for the lies.
    Amazing ain't it? AND we were right!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by fabiodriven View Post
    Trick the people into thinking they're enacting their own will and you have willing slaves.

    Liberalism suspends the intellect of its victims, while at the same time tricking them into believing that they're smarter than everyone else.

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    This one is for Rick (Glamy) or anyone else who behaved in a similar manner towards friends, family, strangers during The Big Fleece 2020


    Let's revisit these priceless classics:

    "You unvaccinated people are getting everyone sick and my vaccine only works if you get one too!"

    "I'm following the science!"

    "It's just for two weeks!"

    "It's just until we flatten the curve!"

    "It's just until nobody gets sick!"

    "It's just so the hospitals won't be overwhelmed!"

    "You won't get covid if you get vaxxed"

    "You are vaxxed and got covid, but it would've been much worse if you hadn't been vaccinated!"

    "You might still get covid if you get vaxxed, but you won't be hospitalized"

    "You might get covid, but you won't transmit covid"

    "You might get covid, transmit covid, and be hospitalized but at least you won't die"

    "You might die even if you're vaccinated"

    "You might get covid, transmit covid, and be hospitalized but that's proof that it's working as intended"

    "I hope you get Covid and die, you unvaccinated piece of sh*t!"

    "The unvaccinated should be fired and then locked away in camps!"

    "If you're unvaccinated then you're not my friend anymore!"

    "It's going to be death for the unvaccinated!"

    "It's a pandemic of the unvaccinated!"

    "The unvaccinated are primarily uneducated white conservative hillbillies!"

    "The unvaccinated are making everyone who's vaccinated, sick!"

    What say you now? What kind of University of Joe Biden fake science are you following now? What kind of fool will you make of yourself next? Turn on CNN and let them tell you about how fluid your gender is. Just a snip here, a tuck there and a jab here and now you're a vaxxed woman-man! Your federal possession of marijuana charge is expunged! Your student loans are forgiven! Your climate tax was paid and your climate it's fixed! Your electric cars will save you from fossil fuels just as soon as we turn on the electricity again! Your maggots and crickets taste just like In-n-Out burgers! Your pronouns are They/Them! Your Bill of Rights is toilet paper! Work makes you Free! Your Ministry of Truth dispels disinformation! Censorship is Freedom of Speech!


    Would you like me to pour you a big steaming hot cup of I Told You So? It's delicious! Made from Progressive tears with just a dash of MRNA!

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