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Thread: Hello from Kalamazoo Mi

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    Hello from Kalamazoo Mi

    Hey guys new to the forum!

    I own a 1984 200es with the famous bass awkward shift pattern! I Push down to shift up and understand this is normal. It's sure weird tho after getting off my motorcycle.

    She runs and rides great but needs work, Mostly rust on the frame needs to be cleaned up it is in the back where the grab bar mounts real ugly. I am missing a few fasteners here and there fender fasteners etc.
    The rest of the frame looks pretty good

    I changed my rear diff oil and now want to change my engine oil but before I do I guess I need to buy a new gasket to replace that right side engine cover I need to remove to clean the oil rotor filter how often does this need to be done?

    I bought an airbox that is complete with the 2 rubber hoses filter element and piece the element goes over, off eBay since mine has no airbox just a filter slapped onto the back of the Chinese carb.

    I want to grind off that rust of the frame with a wire brush and grinder then paint it black with Rustoleum.

    I want to get new bars and maybe new plastics. someone at some point put some what looks to be homemade risers that they then put the factory risers on top of and my bars are a mile high taller than this after-market tank. I do not like it and the homemade risers are loose causing slop and play in my bar. Also, one of the bar mounting bolts is broken snapped off, and stuck in the right side riser. I may need to scoop new risers along with my new bar or skip the bar and just get new risers even tho I think some of those after-market bars would look really nice with some new grips!!

    One of my rear hubs is missing one of its wheels studs, not sure what to do about that let it ride? buy a stud and get it welded? or just get another set of hubs or hub.

    All my lights and switches work including dash neutral and reverse lights so that is nice.

    My skid plate is missing???

    it rolls really nice assume bearings are good i can push it around in neutral and no noised can be heard it rolls free and nice. Whoever owned it before me put a new front tire on it still has tits.

    all tires hold air and the rear 2 look decent enough.

    Brakes work well.

    Seat looks decent

    it has a new battery and that Chinese carb looks fairly new as well it has new brake and throttle cables too, it has an after-market plastic tank the red one that sells on eBay I have no idea what happened to the factory tank sadly.

    Plastics look good the rear fenders are still a fairly dark red telling me this thing was garaged, my front fender tho is smashed broke dunno what happened there but they gave me 2 used front fenders to go along with it neither are perfect

    My main worry is this damn rust it freaks me out ill get some pics uploaded. I hate to say it but I bought this machine sight unseen I have never done that before lol. But for $800 and the fact it ran and drove it was at a yard sale my wife called me told me about it I asked if it ran and drove and she said yes so I told her to buy it I was at work at the time and could not get over to see it but there were several people interested in it So I wanted to move fast on it 3 wheelers are kinda hard to find around here so when they come up for sale they go really fast.

    I think it is fine it just needs a bit of love and I think she will be really nice one day. My long term plan is to clean it up the best I can make it look the best I can keep it running the best I can money is not really an object for this since I plan to spread it out of the long term buying things for it one day it would be nice to put a new piston and rings in it complete upper refresh. Maybe a new sticker set for the plastics and get it looking new and I will keep hunting for a factory tank as well. The damn thing is almost as old as I am "almost" meaning if I look at it as old then what the hell am I?
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