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Thread: 185s project

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    185s project

    I have recently purchased a '82 185s did run until my buddy drove it...havent taken everything apart yet but assuming its top end issues. What are some reliable sites to order parts? I would like to upgrade performance a bit but without boring the cylinder or anything to crazy what are some good options

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    What did he say that it did when it quit running? You won't know whether or not it needs to be bored until you remove the head. What parts are you wanting to order? I get quite a bit of parts from Ebay. If your engine has good compression and the cylinder doesn't need to be bored, you can upgrade to a bigger cam. A 1983-85 200X cam is a popular upgrade. You can change to an aftermarket exhaust (if you can find one) for some more power. If your cylinder needs to be bored, you can go with a higher compression piston. If you go much over 10:-10.5:1 on the compression, you'll start having issues with the pull rope breaking (so I've seen others say). Then there's also head porting to gain more power. There's more that you can do, but the more power you have, the more expensive it gets. Remember, even a high power 185S doesn't really make much power. It's all relative to what they had when stock.

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