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Thread: New member from Canada

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    New brunswick Canada

    New member from Canada

    Hey ya'll new member here from NB recently bought a 82/83 185s. Started tearing it apart to rebuild it. It ran (sorta) when i bought it buddy of mine took it for a drive and hasnt ran since lol not exactly sure what happened but i am looking forward to the rebuilding process have a little bit of experince but am by no means a pro haha any advice and suggestions would be great!

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    Ontario, Canada
    let me know if you have any questions or need any parts
    1985 suzuki alt 185
    1985 honda atc 250sx
    1985 honda atc 200m (all apart)
    1984 honda atc 200es
    1984 honda atc 200x- need motor, plastics, axle, exhaust.
    1984 honda atc 125m- times 2
    1985 honda atc 200m all apart
    1983 honda atc 200e times 2
    1983 honda atc 250r-times 2
    1983 honda atc 200 4 parts

    1983 honda atc 110 times 3
    1979 honda atc 110 smokey
    1978 honda atc 90- restored

    Have lots of extra parts, if interested email at e_mcy@hotmail.com

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