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Thread: Oil filter rotor cover

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    Oil filter rotor cover

    I have removed my right side outer case.

    I discovered that my rotor holder oil filter was not really dirty but I did clean off what I found on it with some brake cleaner and a toothbrush.

    I was missing the gasket that goes behind it so I ordered one along with another side case gasket.

    There is a ton of nasty oil and sludge build-up at the bottom of the crankcase where the oil sits when it is not running. Can I blow this out with a brake cleaner or engine degreaser from a can with this case off and the drain plug out I think it would just run thru I just want to make sure I can safely spray brake cleaner in there I would really like to get that cleaned up in there since I got this case off.

    My last question is I think I am going to need to buy a flywheel holder tool or something because I cannot tighten these 3 bolts that hold the rotor holder on. Any recommendations on which holder to buy?

    Thank you guys you are awesome!

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    Brake clean is fine for that, i have used diesel fuel in a spray bottle in a pinch, just rinse it all out, tip it left and right and make sure its all drained out, run it with some fresh oil for a while then do another change to clear out anything that loosened up but didn't come out with the cleaning.

    For installing the oil rotor what i use is a chain vise grip around the centrifugal clutch, but a strap wrench works, or even a ratchet strap around it to give some grip, those bolts don't get torqued that tight, i think its something like 7-9 ft lbs. So its not like super caveman tight on those they will snap off pretty easy if your not careful cause they are only m6 bolts.
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    In the past I did a lot of small engine work. One trick I used a lot was pull the spark plug, turn engine until piston is down and stick about 2 foot of pull rope in there. It soflty jams the engine for light torquing of bolts. I call it a "torq-ture rope."

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