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Thread: New Member from Cheshire, UK

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    New Member from Cheshire, UK

    Hello all!

    I have a single 3 wheeler, an '85 125m. They weren't that big a deal over here and so quite rare.

    I ran it for a few years until the chain snapped and stranded me. After a bit of investigation everything was quite worn. Which is when I then embarked on the idea of restoring it to former glories and commenced the strip down...

    Three failed relationships and five house moves later...It has sat on my workbench, under the workbench, in some boxes and on a variety of shelves waiting.

    I've got a few other projects that I'd like to sort out, but I need that workbench space...so she has to go back together or go on ebay. An ebay listing seems too much like admitting defeat, so doing some googling I found this site and someone offering a PDF of the original service manual. So now I'm fresh out of excuses and need to get my arse in gear.

    Happy new year to you all.

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    put it together! parts are cheap!!!!!
    if you have the 2 speed sub-trans or not, they sell either front sprocket, the rear sprocket and chains. don't use a cheapo china chain. get a named brands like a renthal, pro-taper or something. Ebay should be your best friend for parts. if you cannot find what you need, hit me up. i can help locate them and ship then to ya as i already ship internationally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSimes View Post

    Three failed relationships and...

    That's a good start. Just wait until you really get into trikes.

    The story of three wheels and a man...

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