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Thread: you us90 guys!

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    Jul 2005

    you us90 guys!


    no idea if it's going to be a good deal or not. jim
    81 185s
    82 185s with 85 200s motor
    suspended 185s
    85 atc70
    1984 200s
    85 350x 3rd owner
    and a 72 ct70

    projects coming along

    85 200s
    81 suspended 185s (can't believe I came across 2)
    1982? 185s

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    Oct 2002
    He was about 3 hours from my house, it sure looked like a great deal, he had good tires and a zillion other parts.

    I have no where to store fiberglass fenders and steel I wouldn't want outside. Once bids climbed I walked away...
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