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Thread: 1985 250es, new to me in May 2021

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    1985 250es, new to me in May 2021

    Hello. I picked up a 85 250es back in May 2021 that I've been bringing back into good mechanical shape. Funny thing is it looks pretty good, previous owner got good plastics and did a decent paint job on the tank. Seems to run pretty well too, no smoke, but the exhaust does pop a little when I let off the throttle. I've been busy replacing completely shot bearings, putting a foot brake back on it, and even repairing a crack in the threaded fork tube. I bought 1/2 of a parts bike, frame with motor and front fork but nothing else. The motor is locked up and I recently decided to try and take the thing apart. I don't have much experience with motors, but I'm somewhat mechanically inclined, so I'm treating as a learning experience. I've hit a snag with that motor and I'm here to seek help, seems like the best place for that. I'll make a post elsewhere for that though. Happy to be here and hopefully I can find some help.

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    Welcome , fellow big red owner. you will find lots of knowledge here.
    our original 85 we bought new, 2 - 86 police specials
    250r dust runner
    04 Yamaha kodiaK 450 snowbuster ! Brute Force 750 dust collector .
    Bunch of es stuff I been buying for next builds....
    Gone but lives on in my aching body the mighty 350x collection . A Beat 85 es im gonna rebuild

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