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Thread: Transmission ratios for 250R-based hybrid project

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    Transmission ratios for 250R-based hybrid project

    Howdy again, y'all! I haven't posted here in forever, but I figured I could pick the brains of some of y'all for advice. My question concerns using a 250-300cc two-stroke dirt bike engine in a TRX250R-based ATV. Specifically, what transmission ratios would work best given the following combinations in the attached table? What would be a good starting point for final drive ratios? The primary performance goal will be that of the TRX250R, and it will be ridden in the dunes and trails, with some trips into the woods every once in a while. I'm not interested in drag racing at all. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.
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    It all depends on what kind of power you are going to make and tires size and weight of machine. I would ask someone around where you ride with similar build to what you are wanting and see what they say.
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