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Thread: New member here!

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    New member here!

    Hey everyone,

    New member here. I found this page because I bought a three wheeler on fb market place and Iím in need of some info and parts.

    The atc I purchased Iím told is a 1983 200. Itís tough to pull start, runs well once itís warmed up, and has no brakes at the moment.

    Thanks for having me!


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    What info and parts are you looking for? A 1983 ATC200 is the only year that the plain 200 had front suspension. The stock tire size was 25x12-9. The rear fenders were separate, not one piece. It was pull start only. Any thing else and it's not a 1983 ATC200. It's best that you buy OEM Honda brake shoes if you can. Most of the aftermarket shoes don't last very long. EBC is supposed to be a good brand of brakes for cars. I put new EBC shoes on the front and back of a 1985 ATC250SX once. I rode it for about 20 minutes at the most, by the time I got back, I had no rear brakes and just enough front brakes to stop slowly. I had taken all of the adjustment out of the cables during that ride. I'll never make that mistake again!

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    Welcome aboard!

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