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Thread: 250ES Rear Brake Issues: SERENITY NOW!!!!

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    I end up cutting groves in the shoes to help with the the mud and water that gets in there. THE biggest thing we need is to figure out how to make disk brakes fit in the oem wheels
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shovelhead8069 View Post
    I have fixed this problem. Let me start by saying I lead a group of 5-7 guys to ride Big Reds in the WV Outlaw trails for 7yrs in a row. We live off the land camping and ride Big Reds every day across the rugged wilderness for a week each year. So this problem was more than an inconvenience for us. I thought my drums maybe were out of spec, a quick check with calipers told me that wasn't the case, tried different shoes to no avail! Cheap china, EBC, and even OEM. I even had custom cables made thinking the cables were all the wrong size (the housing does vary in length from different brands) None of this worked!!! Finally after Years of struggle out of desperation I tried something out of the box and it worked! The solution is easy! Your problem is adjustment, you've wound the spring tight under the adjustment wing. Take the wing, barrel and spring off. Cut the spring in half. Yes, lengthwise right in the middle. I bent the spring where I cut it with pliers to resemble the original end shape. Re assemble and BAM!!! Perfect brakes!! I'm so happy to get to share this information with fellow Big Red brethren that's also been struggling. We did it to all the bikes in the group and now have No problem with brakes. We did it to the front and back brakes on most. A couple bikes the front brakes were still within adjustment stock spring length. I've noticed no bad side effects from doing this at all. Get ready to stop that beast!!!

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    After reading this I immediately ordered a new spring set off ebay. The springs were already a little shorter than the OEM ones, but the price was right. I cut them so they would equal approximately half of the OEM springs and installed them.

    Holy crap. It works! I can tame Big Red now and when I hit the brakes she squats down and stops on a dime.

    Good fix! Can confirm it worked for me.

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    Not part of this thread but how do you start a new thread?

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