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Thread: First Yamahaha

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    First Yamahaha

    Coming thru Colorado Springs in my company truck and thought might as well stop. 85 YTM 200ERN. I didn't look over too good. Guy started him up and idled nice. Plastics near perfect. Very original. Guy thought carb would need cleaned. Got home, discovered drive selector was broken off, but OEM parts were easy to find. Had to get the right adjustment, but now I have reverse. Disassembled carb-was not bad at all. But plastic baffle at the bottom of the main jet wasn't staying on. Fixed with an o-ring underneath until new part comes. Now replacing the fuel tap. It started leaking probably because it hadn't been turned on and off for a long time. Battery was shot. One rear tire wouldn't hold air, but now it does. Had always been in Colorado Springs, and still had original key fob from Yamaha dealer when new. Took racks off, polished plastics up, etc. Then finally got a chance for a test run and I really like this trike. Named him Yammie. Put on his replacement TRI-MOTO decal today. Click image for larger version. 

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    That is a clean one. Donít see them too often in that condition. Great score!

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    Very nice!
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    Congratulations. That's a very fine Yamaha.

    Those are much more difficult to find and especially in that condition.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Very nice. I got one in a package deal a couple of years ago. It was 75% there at most. Nothing looked very good on it. If it wasn't a one year only model, or if it had all been there, I may have held onto it. Since it wasn't either, I gave it away.

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    Thanks for the good words. I wasn't sure for awhile when I got him home. Installing the new drive selector was easy until I got to the adjustment part. To get it to drop down into the fwd and rev positions, you really hafta get the adjustment nuts just right. Today I got the new fuel valve, carb gasket, carb plastic baffle, a new air box lid (old one was cracked) and a new carb drain hose (old one was gone). I guess the more invested you get, the more you like them...if they turn out right. Here's his new Moto on the rump:Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20230108_165456 (2).jpg 
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ID:	270185 New drive selector decal-old one was in bad shape:Click image for larger version. 

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    wow that looks very clean! Handle bars and grab bar look brand new!
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    Yammie was missing his tool box. Found one for an XT500 Enduro. Looks just like the 200ERN tool box. I measured the distance between mounting holes and sent the guy a pic. He said yeah it lines up. He also threw in some tools. They don't say Yamaha on them, but they are stamped Japan, and not recent Chinese knock offs. The screw latch works, but the plastic hinge at bottom is broken. I think I will get a small metal hinge and then make little holes and bolt it on. Duct tape for now, but he has a tool box again.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	270437 Now I have to track down why the tail light doesn't light. Replaced bulb, but that wasn't it.

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