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Thread: Commuter 390 in the warm heart of Africa

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    Jan 2023

    Commuter 390 in the warm heart of Africa

    Hello boys and girls,
    I'm a new member and was wondering if anyone owns or has experience with the rare commuter 390 te ?
    I just bought one which needs some work and I would need some help to identify the v belt for the torque converter
    I do not have the old belt and need the dimensions of the standard belt used on it, preferably metric or else in inches
    Of course it would also be nice to find some fanatics or 390 addicts
    I'm a mechanic and have a lot of experience on cars and worked on motorbikes too
    The warm heart is called Malawi, so check it out on your map. I'm based at the northern lakeshore of Lake malawi

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    Welcome to 3WW. It may be a while before someone answers you. Please post up some photos of your three-wheeler.
    Here is a good starting point to look for details from other members.
    I bet Mattdragontamer would know the belt size.

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    Edmond, KS
    Welcome. If I had the opportunity to buy a Commuter at a reasonable price I would. I rode one that was owned by another guy about 25 years ago and I didn't think it was too bad. I got him a replacement belt, but I just took the old one off, took it to an auto parts store and they matched it up. I have no idea what size it would be.

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