I'm in the final stages of my 1985 restoration and I have acquired almost all the parts to put in the swing arm and I'm in need of an axle with a sprocket hub on it. I have found stock axle shafts but the nice ones that I find don't seem to have sprocket hubs on them. I know dura blue makes a sprocket hub but that is only for a dura blue axle. I do not want to purchase a used axle without a sprocket hub because I can never find a sprocket hub for sale unless it's on a destroyed axle with bad splines and threads on the ends.. I could buy a junk axle just for the sprocket hub but then pressing that off and then on to a good 350X axle doesn't seem easily done. So for my rear axle I have mint condition hubs break hub the axle nuts in a double roll carrier..
The real question is once I find a good 350X axle where am I going to get a sprocket hub? Does any of the 300EXs 400s sprocket hub transfer onto a 350 axle.
I know the simple answer is just to get a 300EX axle and a sprocket spacer but then I would need 300EX hubs and I have about four 350X hubs that are in mint condition.
could someone leave me to a source of a 350X rocket hub or what I'm looking for to put onto a 350x axle for my rear sprocket
I have a ton of spare parts for 350 X's where I've had these parts for 25 years I plan on selling this 350X when I am done with all the parts that I have acquired over the years.
I do plan on listening it for sale here in the spring or into the summer depending on when I get it completed I'd like to see someone that really appreciates 350 X's to get this one.
I actually have an 85 that I'm restoring right now and I'm near mint condition 86 has been restored in the year 2000