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Thread: 82 Honda ATC 200 timing plug?

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    Feb 2023
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    82 Honda ATC 200 timing plug?

    I stripped the timing plug on my 82 atc 200. Ended up having to drill and use an extractor to get it out.

    So I need a replacement, dont want to spend the $100 to get a new one, ($35Cdn for the plug and $35Cdn for shipping, $70 CDN =. $100 USD)

    I think this plug is used on a lot of Hondas so I am wondering if there is a cheaper replacement, Ive seen cncd aluminum plugs for Crf250s that look correct for $12 on Amazon. I did check my spares from my ct90s and xl125s etc but not a single plug to be found.

    Anyone know of a cheap replacement?


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    I know that you can use the plugs from a newer quad in place of the originals. I believe that ones for a 400EX will work. This also does away with the flat groove in the plugs since they use a hex key.

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