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Thread: New Here - From Australia

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    New Here - From Australia

    Hey All, New to this Forum and from Australia.

    I'm trying to restore my ATC200ES 1984 SuperRed - I have two ATC's that've been collecting dust in the shed and thought it would be fun to get them up and going, the other being a smaller version, the ATC110 i think. I wasnt aware of just how hard it is to source parts for them. If anyone could help me make some connections here in Aus to source parts this would be greatly appreciated.

    I've noticed a fair amount of items available in America! again, any help would be great.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Apr 2019
    South Dakota
    Welcome. Iím not going to be super helpful in sourcing part is Oz, but finding 200es parts should not be too hard. The 200es is the most mass produced trike. And shares lots of parts with other models.

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