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Thread: 1982 Yamaha Tri Moto carb help!

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    Angry 1982 Yamaha Tri Moto carb help!

    Just bought a non working Tri Moto that was pulled out of a barn. I cleaned it up and did some carb work and got it running. With this being a 2 stroke I am clueless as to what hoses go where. I know where the fuel one goes but do not know where.

    Any body got any info or pics showing how it should be set up.

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    Welcome to the site.

    Your best bet is to go onto eBay and find yourself a manual for your trike. I believe those had an oil injection system, so you’re going to have a number of hoses to deal with.

    In the future, post your Three Wheeler related questions in the Trikesylvania forum. The open form is where we come to talk about whatever.

    Good luck with your project.
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