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Thread: Another movie with a trke in it.

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    Another movie with a trke in it.

    Cool update on the site! I forgot about the movie "American Anthem" and was reminded when I saw the new site catagories. It came out in the mid eighties and I used to watch it on cable all the time. You can catch it every now and then. It is definetly worth watching because the main character's little brother rides a Tri-Z250 (85?). It shows the kid riding it for a minute in some sort of chase scene if I remember right. The Z does not have a happy ending though. Oh, while waiting for the trike scenes you can watch Janet Jones strut around. I am going to see if I can rent it.

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    Never seen the movie, but I'll add it to the site next update :-)
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    dont forget the tears for fears musci video...there are more movie i just cant thing of the names right now....also some one said the new movie anchorman had 3wheelers in it...i dont kno if its true or not
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    That was that gymnastics movie with Bart Connors right? ...... lol, I remember that!
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