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Thread: How to power valve your Tri-Z

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    I ran a hybrid on my YZ motor. It was a cross between a PSI and something else that I cant remeber the name of. It was actually made for a 370 motor I had.

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    Dose anyone know if you can use the YZ side case and kick backwards on the tri-z without hitting the frame? also, where did you manage to find a 40.5 mm carb? flatslide? bored out i would assume?
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    Eddie sanders racing sells a 40.5mm carb. It is a pwk d-slide bored to 40.5mm. I have 2 of them on my old srx sled, they are sweet carbs. From my experiance with my honda's they work better on the big bore motors.

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    why not just put the whole YZ engine in there?
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    How did you get your intake to line up. If your just swapping the top end? I want to keep my headlights

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1985 TriZz GuyY View Post
    How did you get your intake to line up. If your just swapping the top end? I want to keep my headlights
    Regarding the intake angle, you would need to find an older cylinder if you want it to line up with the existing plumbing. I think it’s only the 1983 YZ 250 that has a straight intake and still bolts to the Tri-Z cases. If you have a 84 or newer cylinder you’ll either have to run a pod filter, or plum something up like Neverlift did on his PV build. You can find that build with the site's search feature.

    As far as the lights are concerned, if you have a Tri-Z crank and bottom end you’re good to go, but if you’re using a YZ bottom end and must have lights, you’ll have to either install a Tri-Z crank, or at the very least the left side of the crankshaft which accommodates the Tri-Z's electrical system.

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