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Thread: Rollin' on Inverts, version: Tri-Z

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    NICE FORK! good job, looks real mean now!
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    Best USD conversion on a trike I've seen yet! Great job Billy!

    I think the rake looks great. Almost like a KXT. You should ride it and see what you think before you try to change it.
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    Looking good Billy. As somebody else has already said, that's the way inverted forks should look on a 3 wheeler!
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    I love it too!!! Keep us informed on how everything works out.

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    Thanks guys, I got a phone call this afternoon about someone wanting to get setup on renting some of our land so I'm gonna be kind of busy this week...Hopefully I can get some more time to finish them up soon.
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    Sweet billy! Looking good. Cant wait to see if done and at TF to try it out
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