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Thread: 200X gear skip

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    Apr 2007

    200X gear skip

    New guy here. I am not new to 3 wheelers though. I got my first (200X) in 1983, it was my local dealers 2nd one.

    I currently have 2 200X's one of which I picked up not very long ago. It's in really good shape and has been rebuilt, but it has one problem.

    3rd gear (only) seems to jump a bit especially when I accelerate. If I am just cruising easy it may happen but not much. Give it some gas and it starts to lurch and jump, almost like the clutch is grabbing and letting go, but no engine revving. More like it is loosing power. No grinding sound at all.

    Anybody have a problem like this? Could it be that something was not been put back together right when it was rebuilt?
    I've never taken a bottom end apart so I am at a loss here.

    Any suggestions or ideas?

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    the chain is tight right? otherwise i have no idea! On my trike the chain was loose and it would skip in 4th only.
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    Yes, chain is tight.

    Thanks though.

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    Could be a tooth is gone on 3 rd gear or clutch related.

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    Either your gears are worn out or a shifting fork is bent or ground down.Either way,Time to split the cases.Clucthes will slip,But not jump in and out of gear harshly.
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    Thanks for the info.

    Never had to do this before, but I don't mind doing the work.

    Any specialty tools required?

    I thought it might come to this and have also been thinking about doing the XR200 swap to get a 6th gear. Any helpful info / do's and dont's? Maybe this has already been posted in detail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by edog View Post
    Don't bother with the gear swap.
    The gears wont last long enough in the 200X.The xr200R gears are weaker than the 200X.Take you gears out and inspect them for cracks and broken teeth.
    If all is good I would spend the extra money and have the whole transmission gears frozen.http://www.cryoplus.com/

    I disagree with the XR gears being weak. I don't think I have ever seen a dead XR200. Those bikes are indestructable. Go with the swap. it wont harm. Just make sure to swap out the kicker gears.
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    mine is doing the same thing. I was told it was the shift fork or the gears like mosh said. Time to split the cases.

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    Ditto!! I was going to post this same thing tonight but looks like I was beat to it. All other gears are great and 3rd gear is ok except when accelerating it's worse than when cruising along. It seems the more load that's on it the more it happens, feels violent at times.

    It really pisses me off because my cases were just put back together and the entire motor rebuilt less then 2 weeks ago and I don't remember this happening when the kickstarter gears went out. I'm guessing something got messed up when that happened last summer and I since I didn't ride it after that I never knew about it until it was already together. Sucks...everything was running, idling, new clutch, bearings, seals, piston, rings, valve seals, all gaskets....back apart it goes.
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    yea i hear ya man. maybe 3rd gear has a chip out of it ? or when it all got redone someone forgot to put a thrust washer in its rite spot ? i can scan the diagram of the gear order for you tomorrow if you like. i will only have to rip the page out of the book lol. then i will tape it back in. anything to help a fellow triker out.

    is it possible to swap out 185s/200s gears for xr200 gears ?
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    Hey .

    What did you find .
    mine is doing the same thing I do it's an 84 motor. I do have an 85 that was not doing that. But the case is cracked. Hit hydro pole.

    thinking of switching the gears out any thoughts.

    Also where are you guys gettin ng bearings and parts for rebuild.

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    The common issue is a bent shift fork and related gears were they mesh together .
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    You are the winner today for the dead thread revival trophy. Anyway, the reason your transmission is slipping in the 84 is because 2nd - 3rd gear dogs are worn out (mfg known issue) and/or shift fork is bent and not engaging the gear set properly. Need to split the cases and replace 2nd and 3rd as a set. Fun fact.....Curtis sparks used to cut the back ends of the gear set and use a shim to make the dogs engage properly.

    And yes, you can swap out the 85 transmission into the 84.
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    Greg Junior on Facebook sells the replacement gears.

    Don't ask me about where he got them etc etc and his issues with Mickey, I'm just letting you know that he sells them...
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    My 1983 200X was doing the same thing as the OP's. My solution was to make an AutoX out of it. I don't regret it one bit.

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