I rode the DX for the first time in a few months. Grandad said that it was running bad, and that the revs jumped when he was parking it last time he rode and he almost went through the fence. (I would have paid to see that) SO I saw a dirtbike for sale really cheap today and I almost bought that because I want to ride so bad. I restrained myself though (barely) and came home and saw my beast just sitting there. I went out, uncovered her, gave it a few cranks, and then she started. The revs shot way up the first time so I killed it and started it again. Still revved high, but evened out on mid range, then slowly worked it's way down. I figured it was the carb, so as soon as the revs got low enough to shift in the confined space I did, and turned around and took off to run it hard and blow it all out. I did it, and man it felt good. I was in nice clothes but I didn't get care. It's been raining here for days on end and they were soaked. And the beast ran like a dream. No smoke, idled, and no popping and sputtering. WOOOO HOOOOO! IT"S GOOD TO BE BACK!!!