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Thread: Gearing Ratio for my 85 Tecate Ice Racer setup?

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    Gearing Ratio for my 85 Tecate Ice Racer setup?

    I believe I have 13T up front and 37 T in the rear. I put 18's on her and took her out on the ice, and I swear in 5th gear I was going maybe 35 mph
    Im looking for a real good sprocket combo that will let me run on the ice with 18's and the dirt roads and sand with my 20's in the summer. Can the Ice Racers and Flat Trackers give me some sprocket combos that will work for my setup.
    I cant seem to find the Thread where a gearing ratio site was posted breaking it all down from maybe a month ago. I would like to be setup within a week or two so I can hit the Ice flying
    Of course I spent $80 on a new Sidewinder chain and had to take off my other new chain so I hope I dont have to buy a 3rd chain
    If anyone has any sprockets that will work on my 84-85 Tecate please P.M. me.
    Also once that website is posted up with all of the gear ratios and tire size for 3 wheelers, that should be posted up for all to see anytime. Its a good chart. Thank you.
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    Alot of it is going to depend on the size track you run. The easyest way I do it is run the track and try to use one gear for the whole track. On a 1/4 mile track I ran 15/37 with a 20" tire and could keep it pinned in 5th. On bigger tracks your going to have to shift gears, no way around it. On a 1/3 mile I ran a 14/37 20" tire and used 5th and 6th gear. With a 18" tire I would change out the rear to a 36 on both tracks and use the same gears. This was on dirt. On ice we used to run a half mile, with 18"s we normallly used 14/15 front and 36/34 rear depending on ice conditions. If you have some place to practice use a stopwatch and record your lap times, this will help you find the best setup.

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    With the calculator in link above in mind: I've never seen(that I remember) a dyno or had a tach on a Tecate, so does anyone know about what RPM a stock 1st Gen. Tecate's horsepower peaks at?
    '84 ATC70.....my 8-y.o. son's ride

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