Hey everybody, long time - no post so i think an update is in order.

This is the last time that i rode it with Mart, ButcherBoy and Haggle.


This is the result..

The cause of that was this.

With the trike out of action and with me doing a panel beating/ spray painting course at TAFE i thought it was a perfect time to respray my tank which had got a paint bubble in it and had aquired a nice dent from when i fell off and was run into by a quad that was closely following.

My first go at painting with a gun...

With the trike starting to look decent again it was time to get the engine fixed.
Around this time Mart contacted me and offered to rebuild it and get it all set up and dialled in properly. I told him that i appreciated the offer but couldnt afford it as i'd been doing it extremely financially tough. Mart also had a resolution to that problem aswell... He did it for FREE!
Seriously, what a great friend. Thank you Mart.

Heres the pics he sent me during the rebuild. Oh, not only did he rebuild the engine etc but he also pulled it from the trike and then refitted it and had it all back together for me. Unbelievable! THANX AGAIN BROTHER!!!

Around this time i mentioned to dear ol' Mart that there was a bike show coming up and id love to enter the trike and wondered what his thoughts on it being finished in time where... Well he put everything he was doing on his quad to get it ready to race on hold and focused on my trike, Seriuosly! What a deadset champion. The results of all his efforts...

I am yet to ride it but i'll let you all know how she goes.
Thanks again Mart.