View Full Version : Sarasotausmc found an ATC125M in sad shape

07-25-2010, 10:06 PM
and came here to learn how to make it happy again.

A buddy got it in bad shape, it ran, barely, carried his 300 lbs around his yard in low once, then it was parked. I kept my mouth shut for a while, then went over to talk about it. Bike is in sad shape, lawnmower battery bungied to the rear, wiring sketchy, no seat, rear fenders cut off center plastic, and no seat. All Handlebar controls broken, missing, or hanging. Guy couldn't ever get it started. I left with a free ATC125M with a complete motor minus the airbox, handlebar switches, pullstart and bad tank.

Got the bike home, jumped the starter relay, and it runs, well (took <5 mins. Found a pullstart in mint condition and a 75% tank (cosmetic, no leaks) for $100 and ordered 3 tubes for less than $40 shipped. Plan is to rebuild the carb and do rest of tuneup stuff for running condition, then tear it apart.

So, I did find a rear plastic and seat for a 86 TRX125 in good shape (one large crack otherwise straight and shiny). I'm going to him with $200 in cash to offer. Too much or too little? If I get it, it will look like a nice 3 wheeler.

Carburetor, rebuild what I got or get something bigger? If bigger any suggestions?

Love the site, looking through and searching what I can, not finding what I want. More time here, I'll get better at it.

Thanks for having me here.


07-25-2010, 11:41 PM
Welcome aboard.