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  1. Gids200x's Avatar
    Any one riding tacate any more got a rolling frame I would do some trading with
  2. honkey's Avatar
    Nice i just got my first 3wheeler honda 200s
  3. honkey's Avatar
    NIce. i want a 250r but i just got a honda 200s atc today is gonna be my first day hitting the trails
  4. trimoto195's Avatar
    nice bike man and i thought mine was cool
  5. homes1's Avatar
    its says private cant view it
  6. Kennebell250's Avatar
    Sick toys.were can I get that racing front number plate at.
  7. 84250rrebirth's Avatar
    Hey dude those are very nice atc's man
  8. Mikesuperman's Avatar
    You have a great trike. I am building a 1983 honda 200x thats bored 0.50 i broke the wiseco piston, i was wondering if you knew if i could get a 1986 0.50 piston and install it on the 1983 rod??
  9. shayne's Avatar
    can someone help me. my Honda 200s will not start rebuilt carb, got new gas, and it still wont start, it will turn over but not start. when I pust start it, it will act like it starts but its not
  10. davidgreenhill's Avatar
    I have a 86 250r 3wheeler bored 75 over everything is new on it 1-4 gears it runs like but th and 6th it runs almost right whats my problem
  11. johnnymac's Avatar
    hello Mr. Buster Brown..

    if you happen to have a few mins to explain an "83 200 m pull cord assem I would greatly appreciate it,,,first ? is why cant I figure out where the ball bearing goes back in the assembly..and also why can I not find a schematic/dummy diagram for the gosh darn thing... hopefully this site is active ,,pls
  12. quadssuck's Avatar
    Those bikes are absolutely beautiful...
    My 2 sons and i just started restoring a 1985 250r and like your bikes style. Could you tell us what brand, and size tires you are running front and rear.
    we are looking for that low profile, like yours. thanks
  13. yamonda's Avatar
    Hi all. I am in the middle of fitting a Honda cr 500 motor in my TRI Z frame. Anyone out there done this or has any advise.
    I would post pictures but this is my first blog and trying to work out how to do it. good job I can ride a 2 stroke better than use this computer
  14. ShaftDrive225dx's Avatar
    that thing looks pretty! if u dont mind me asking what type of engine is that or how do u consider it a 200r? sorry im new to the whole atc world...
  15. Lil Earl's Avatar
    I would have to say you did a great jib on that. I really like it. build pics?"
  16. BWard's Avatar
    Andy, Absolutely Beautiful
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