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  • Three-Wheelers in Hollywood!

    Most of us are pretty guilty for keeping a keen eye on open garage doors and behind old sheds as we drive by places. But heres an unlikely place to see some trikes, the silver screen! This list has mostly been compiled, thanks to users on the forum. Most of them are older films from the 80s during the hey day, but there are a few recent flicks as well. DVR or rent these shows, and give your three-wheeling eye a test.

    American Anthem(1986) Details
    Born In East L.A.(1987)
    C.H.i.P.S.(Series.1981) Details
    Dukes of Hazard(Series)
    Goonies, The(1985)
    Hart to Hart(Series.1979) Details
    In a big country(Music Video.1983)
    James Bond: Diamonds are Forever(1971)
    Joe Dirt(2001) Details
    Police Academy 2(1985)
    Silver Bullet(1985)
    Smokey & the Bandit(1983)
    Something about Mary(1998) Details
    Sports Disasters(Series) Details
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    1. leviblue's Avatar
      leviblue -
      I remember back in 77 Johnny Carson had a few trikes on the show and to show how light they were they took a US 90 and ran Johnny over!!! Now I know I'm old but I was only 7 but we had a 90 just like the one on the show and as 7year olds do went nuts. I've been searching the Dollar stores for a year now looking for old Tonight Show eps. Anyone else remember this????
    1. triker's Avatar
      triker -
      The movie Road House 1989 has the rich guy wessley riding a three wheeler across the lake! I would like to find a Honda or Yamaha T-shirt with a trike on it!
    1. 3wjason's Avatar
      3wjason -
      The Dukes of Hazzard the Episode with the trikes was Twin Trouble.
    1. tulsamike3434's Avatar
      tulsamike3434 -
      Can anyone find the clip of the ATC's on the Johnny Carson show?
    1. wisconsinite's Avatar
      wisconsinite -
      there's what apears to be a honda three wheeler in "Pink Floyd: The Wall" during the annimated scene while "empty spaces" is playing. not sure if that counts though...
    1. GeoD's Avatar
      GeoD -
      I wanted to add one of my video edits from the show "War of the Worlds". It was a TV series back in the 80's. Checkout the mounted machine guns!! I wonder if they were part of the Hondaline collection!


    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      Wow, that really does make the three-wheeler out to be a killing machine
    1. Xavier Lange's Avatar
      Xavier Lange -
      sweet a four wheeler could never! do that!
    1. 85200xrider's Avatar
      85200xrider -
      whats funny is that theyre 200x's or at least one is.and they all sound like 2 strokes
    1. J_Riley85'200x's Avatar
      J_Riley85'200x -
      yes these ones ARE illegal!!!!
    1. hang&rattle's Avatar
      hang&rattle -
      Warrant video 'Heaven' at 2:12-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrSdXtFJG20 Jani Lane on a Kawasaki (?).
    1. rray62's Avatar
      rray62 -
      I went to my parent's house tonight and they were watching "Christmas in Canaan" (2009) and at the end one of the presents was an ATC70. I think it was an '82 model.
    1. Bustos82's Avatar
      Bustos82 -
      that video is awesome....
    1. davidt5777's Avatar
      davidt5777 -
    1. 1tonofsh!t's Avatar
      1tonofsh!t -
      I'm trying to do some research but wasn't there atc's in the movie "Back to the Beach" from 1987? The badass party crashin guys came on quads and 3 wheelers I think!
    1. 250r_doverdemon's Avatar
      250r_doverdemon -
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFnZuxnBGcka really bad copy of the dukes of hazzards trike scene.. some first gen 250rs looks like..
    1. AtcX5's Avatar
      AtcX5 -
      I caught the last few minutes of the goonies on tv a few weeks back and there is a 3 wheeler riding down the beach.. It's a blue Honda it's kinda hidden by another guy on a 4 wheeler... Who rides those anyway...
    1. DRKCYDE's Avatar
      DRKCYDE -
      Add Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell...Just got done watching and there is a 70 at the end where Duke gets his 10k for hitting the 3/4s court shot.
    1. DRKCYDE's Avatar
      DRKCYDE -
      Add Semi-Pro with Will Ferrell...
      Just got done watching and there is a 70 at the end where Duke gets his 10k for hitting the 3/4s court shot.

    1. wheelz420's Avatar
      wheelz420 -
      Add archer to the list as well , a couple of 185/200 s in it ,
      lol aint nothin like hunting people on a atc!!
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