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  • Links to member websites and useful information. Personal, and professional.

    So in the years past on 3WW, we've had a nice neat little place to put together a list of other websites that we enjoyed, that were riding related, and that we thought you might enjoy too. Its been too long without this resource on the site, and while we are starting off pretty meager, we hope that you'll find these other sites useful in your trike ownership, or at the least a fine way to kill some time

    Basically what we will work towards having here is links to peoples personal websites, you-tube accounts, businesses and services provided by members. And we might even throw on a few links to stuff that doesn't belong to members, but we find pretty cool all the same. If you'd like to be added to this list, feel free to comment on the article and I'll be sure to add you to it when I can.

    And in no particular order...

    ATVscene.com Great quad and racing coverage site. John covers trike stuff from time to time and does a great job of it!
    G-King Polishing Greg does a phenomenal job at polishing aluminum and stainless steel and he does it at very reasonable prices. Check him out.
    Discount ATV Supply Owned by 3WW member Eric250R, Discount ATV is located out of Isom, Ky and offers a discount to other 3WW members.
    Cosmic Quads Don't let the name fool you. Rob and Tammy are deeply integrated with the trike community and their custom & OEM style seats have been seen all over the world.
    Kennedy Cycles Family owned dealership with low prices on Yamaha and Kawasaki OEM parts.
    Baileigh Industrial High quality metal fabrication equipment for your projects! If you can dream it, they got the tools and machines to help you build it!
    Full Bore Powersports Bringing aftermarket parts and accessories to to the machines that were left behind. Tri-Z, Tecate,350X big bore kits. Cool heads for the Tri-Z, Tecate, and a sweet deals on parts too!
    ATVriders.com Another great quad and racing coverage site. They covered Trikefest 2010 and did a sweet feature on their website about it. They also have a huge forum that covers all makes and models.
    McMaster-Carr THE one stop shop for industrial and shop supply. Fasteners, cutting tools, abbraisves, raw materials (Chromoly, aluminum, delrin, etc). If you need it, they got it!
    Tony Foale Designs While not anything specifically three-wheeler related, Mr. Foale is a very highly regarded motorcycle chassis designer and engineer. His technical book is a great resource and definitely has some things that can be used on a group-up trike project.
    Ian William Tuning Based out of Australia, IWT has a software program to help you build and understand two stroke engines. Based on mathematical formulas that are well documented, your allowed control over just about every aspect of the engine in parameters and you can "build" your engine with port timing specifications, displacement, compression, and a host of other options to get a baseline and understand how one change effects many others. Has an expansion chamber design program, too!
    Rocky Mountain ATV Very large mail-order company that has access to tons of aftermarket parts, riding gear, tires and wheel combos. They are like the McMaster-Carr of the ATV world!
    3Wheeler.org Another great trike site that features a forum with technical info and group rides. Lots of pictures and magazine scans. Check em out!
    Offroad Fab Net Not particularly trike related, but if you like welding pr0n and seeing guys fabricate awesome stuff, this is a cool site to browse!
    OrangeCnty250r's Tiger ATV Page While at one time 3WW was pretty much the only source of information on Tiger ATV's, Bill has become without a doubt the foremost authority on them. He owns some original molds and fixtures from when they were in production. You got Tiger questions, he's the man!
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    1. gkingpolishing's Avatar
      gkingpolishing -
      Awesome job Billy!!!! You Rock!!! Thank you........GKing
    1. Eric250R's Avatar
      Eric250R -
      We can also make any kind of graphic or sticker kit you need....Discount ATV
    1. wheelz420's Avatar
      wheelz420 -
      how much for 1982 honda 185s gas tank stickers? ok possibly the rear fender stickers too , might as well do it right sence it is new paint. would have to be shipped to detroit.
    1. Orangecnty250r's Avatar
      Orangecnty250r -
      Awesome....Without 3WWW I would never had started the TIGER search!! The rest is history.
    1. samdaholic's Avatar
      samdaholic -
    1. ridecaity's Avatar
      ridecaity -
      was someone selling custom made trike covers on here one time.Can't seem to find the link.Help
    1. rzrman's Avatar
      rzrman -
      We would love to be added. https://www.rockymountainbearings.com
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