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  • Tri-Z Frankenshock... Cheap and affective shock build and OEM replacement

    Ok, about a year ago I had an idea about combining 3 different yamaha shocks to build 1 fully adjustable Tri-Z shock that fits and looks like oem, but would perform twice as good! Well, a few months ago I finally got around to building one... And this is how it came bout- I had a banshee shock, that I installed a gold valve kit and eibach spring on a few years ago, but it was way too harsh for the -1 swinger on my banshee. So, I disassembled the banshee shock keeping only the lower shock assy (shaft, valving, seal head,etc). This lower shock assy would allow me to take advantage of the gold valve kit, and the rebound adjustment found on all banshee shocks. Next, I stripped a blown yamaha warrior shock (that I got for free), keeping only the upper shock body (pitch the warrior reservior...JUNK). This would allow me to put the banshee lower shock assy into the warrior upper shock body (I use the one piece Moose seal heads for all my banshee, warrior, Tri-Z shocks. The race tech seal heads suck in my opinion). Then, I stripped the compression adjustable reservior off the original Tri-Z shock and attached it to the warrior shock body with a new banjo bolt and crush washers. Lastly, I Filled the shock with oil and charged the nitrogen to 150psi (race tech's spec for the gold valve kit), and reinstalled the eibach spring on the Frankenshock.

    I have had the Frankenshock in my trail Z for a few months now....WOW!!! This thing is awsome! I can RAIL washouts and ditches like never before with this thing! NO more standing up to soak up a big bump! The shock appears as a factory unit when installed, AND ITS FULLY ADJUSTABLE! I plan on building at least one more of these shocks out of completely stock components (stk valving and spring) for my wifes Tri-Z, that way I can see if they work just as good for a lighter rider, without the gold valve and eibach spring (im 230lbs, she is 120).

    SO, basically all you need is:
    1 blown warrior shock w/decent body - Free - $30
    1 blown Tri-Z shock w/decent reservior - Free - $50
    1 blown banshee shock w/good shaft - Free - $75
    1 moose seal head assy - $35
    and someone to assemble and charge shock - $40

    For around $200 (or less) you can have a fully adjustable Tri-Z shock that LOOKS EXACTLY like a nice oem piece.
    I know from experience, that a shock this good can't be bought for $200!! (excluding a lucky ebay find)

    Here is a pic of the shock all assembled on th work bench. sorry, no in progress pics, I don't think that far ahead

    Let me know what you guys think. I put a lot of thought into this thing and it works GREAT for the money invested.
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    1. betelgeuse's Avatar
      betelgeuse -
      great idea. real creative. only if there was enough parts to put you in buisness...
    1. christph's Avatar
      christph -
      Thanks for the info. I got a Z about 4 months ago and have been restoring it. Of course the rear shock is blown, but I'm not quite ready to spend $800 on a Works Performance shock. I may give your solution a try.
    1. stalker stopper's Avatar
      stalker stopper -
      Nice job! How much additional for the eibach spring and Race tech gold valve? What weight do u think stock spring is good for? Thanks
    1. RamsesRibb's Avatar
      RamsesRibb -
      Couldn't you just use the Tri-Z shock body?
    1. zmpolaristech's Avatar
      zmpolaristech -
      Quote Originally Posted by RamsesRibb View Post
      Couldn't you just use the Tri-Z shock body?
      I explain more in this thread : http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...ve-shock-build

      But to answer your question, The Tri-Z shock body is aluminum... and 25 yrs old...AND has probably never been serviced. Basically they are usually worn beyond the point of use by now. The warrior shock body is plated steel, and will last longer than the Z body.
    1. zmpolaristech's Avatar
      zmpolaristech -
      Quote Originally Posted by stalker stopper View Post
      Nice job! How much additional for the eibach spring and Race tech gold valve? What weight do u think stock spring is good for? Thanks
      The Eibach springs run about $100. The race Tech Gold Valve kit runs $170. Then the seal head for $38...and then someone to build it.......you start to get up there in price, $300-$400 in to a "suped-up" stock shock. I work for a dealership, so I got all my parts at cost, and I did the dirty work of the shock disassembly myself, but I still ended up with $280 into my race teched Frankenshock. And that doesn't include the costs of the 3 doner shocks (that I actually just had laying around). As for weight on the stock spring, 160lb rider is what it was intended for, but it will work for up to a 200lb rider (cranked up).
    1. zmpolaristech's Avatar
      zmpolaristech -
      Here is a link to the build thread for this type of shockhttp://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...-BUILD-THREAD!
    1. BIG DADDY TRI Z's Avatar
      great plan igot the z and banshee shock i will just have to find the warrior shock thanks
    1. auroraglass's Avatar
      auroraglass -
      how do i post on this site
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