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  • Trikefest 2012 Drag racing rules and classes! A few changes from 2011 inside.

    Signups, Start Times, and Tech Inspections!

    Pre-sign up is on FRIDAY (The 22nd) EVENING!!!!!!!!!!! You MUST MUST MUST MUST register FRIDAY EVENING. Meet at the drag strip approximately a half hour after the end of the motocross races. This gives us adequate time to lay out the brackets and double check everything prior to racing Saturday. If it is raining Friday we will conduct signups in the cafeteria at same schduled time. Barring some unforeseen circumstances, We WILL NOT ALLOW SATURDAY SIGNUPS!!!** If your not arriving until Saturday or late Friday night, please contact me PRIOR to Trikefest so that we can make arrangements for you and get you counted ahead of time.**

    Tech inspection will be starting @ 11:00AM Saturday morning. Racing to begin immediately following completion of tech inspection on all machines that pre-registered Friday night. Actual racing starts at 1:00PM the absolute latest. Would much rather prefer to start around 12:00N We still have to do a group picture, and the awards banquet Saturday night.

    When your number has been called ,the racer will have a set time to make it to the start line for heat race or be DQ'ed from that round.(Time will be discussed at Driver's meeting).

    I'm open to comments and constructive criticism. I am the one in charge of this event for 2012 but it is most definitely going to be a TEAM effort to make it run smoothly. If there are issues and you are not a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

    Volunteers are definitely appreciated and will help this go as smooth as possible. We will need some Friday and early Saturday to do some manual track prep such as remove large rocks, setup banners, tables, etc. prior to the races as well as work the track during the actual race. Thanks.

    Please reply to this article or contact Billy Golightly or Xowner as he is a co-chair on this event as well.

    Starting System Procedure

    We will again be using the Red/Green light setup as in years past. Red light red is staging.. you will be pointed ay to make sure you are ready..a simple nod of the helmet will tell us your ready.. when the red light turns green GO!!!! (DO NOT CREEP OR JUMP THE LINE! THERE IS A DELAY WHEN SWITCHING OFF AND THE GREEN COMES ON, WAIT FOR GREEN!) Finish line will be decided by 2 people on each side of the Finish line and a arm raise on that side of the track will tell the winner..and or a remote radio.

    *** RED LIGHTS*** Red Lights (AKA leaving before you ought to) will be counted as a LOSS. You will know it and the staging personnel will see it..staging person will be watching each start and its his or hers (Call). As reiterated above, don't creep or jump the line!! If your bike creeps or surges when you rev it with the clutch pulled in you better be standing on that rear brake to keep it from moving!

    ***If a win cannot be decide by either sides at the finish line a RE-RUN will be called... Re-runs are called at mine or my other staging volunteer's discretion. If its too close, your re-running.

    ***All final lane choices will determined by wins and losses. If tie a coin will be flipped..

    Drag Classes & Class Rules

    ***NOTE*** We didn't have a Pee-Wee class last year for a lack of entrants. We would like to cater to the peewee riders and give them the opportunity to have fun as well but we will need to know a head of time PRIOR TO TRIKEFEST if you have you a child that would like to partcipate we will accomodate to the best of our abilities.

    1. The Below rules apply to the following STOCK Classes:

    A.49cc-174cc 2 & 4 strokes
    B.175cc-250cc 4 stroke
    C. 251cc-351cc 4 stroke

    -Trikes only
    -exhaust, must be ran in the way manufacture of your machine designed it.
    (aftermarket pipes are allowed if ran in this manor)( No out of frames)
    - frame must be to factory spec. (no frame mod's)
    - Engine must be the original, OEM equipped one. No aftermarket or different then originally equipped cylinders for 2 strokes or 4 strokes.
    Any internal engine modifications allowed. 2 strokes are allowed to run aftermarket/non OEM cylinder heads. 4 strokes are not.
    -No hybrids, conversions or engine swaps. Machine must be an original OEM three-wheeler.
    -swing arm's, can be stock length or up to +4" extended ( will be approved by a tec)
    - Gas, must be on pump gas (no more than 98 octane) Aftermarket carbs, clamp-on airfilters, etc all allowed.
    No race fuel or oxygenated fuels! (This will be given the smell test, if you fail your going to the modified class, sorry!)
    - tires, stock or aftermarket... No studs!
    -No wheelie bars
    -aftermarket axle's OK
    -we will try to pair up same bikes in the first round,or close too. 250r v.s. tri z ,,200x v.s. 200x
    -ALSO, Highly modified mini's with larger displacement engines (150cc piranha engines in ATC70s, etc) will be ran in the class most appropriate for their CURRENT engine displacement. This means unless your over 174cc you will run in the 49-174cc Stock class. I understand this isn't an ideal situation but I do not believe there to be enough entrants to make a whole new class at this time. Perhaps next year.

    2. The following classes adhere to the new for 2012 stock class rules

    D. 250cc 2 stroke

    STOCK CLASS FOR 250 2 STROKE ONLY (Other stock classes remain as 2011):

    Trikes only
    1) Exhaust Can be aftermarket or Oem, No outta frame pipes must be inframe
    2) Frame must be factory spec. No frame mods.
    3) Engine must be original, NO Diffrent cylinder swaps Must be OEM. ( No 300r big bore kits, Kx swaps , no triz power valves or any other stuff) Machine must also have original OEM Cylinder Heads. Any internal modifications allowed.
    4) No Hybrids, conversions or engine swaps
    5a)To Clarify the stock carb rule, we will check for the carb originally equipped for your specific make/model/year. An 85 250R will require a roundslide PE type carb, and the 86 250Rs will require the Oval slide PJ type carbs as an example.
    6) Wheel base can be no more than 4 inches longer then stock. Distance will be measured front axle center to rear axle center
    7) MUST HAVE PUMP GAS! Nothing over 98 octane (RACE GAS WILL GET YOU DQ'ed!)
    8) Tires Stock or Aftermarket NO STUDS!!!!!!
    9) No WHEELIE BARS!!!!
    10) Aftermarket Axles are fine!!!!

    3. Modified class.

    -OEM trikes only
    - any bike that has been modified Carb,bore,aftermarket cylinders,Big bores,long rods. NO engine swaps, or hybrids.
    -swing arms, can be any length.
    -wheelie bars, you can run a wheelie bar
    -exhaust,pipe in or out of frame ok
    -Studs permitted,must be ice screws,No picks,bolt tires,ect,atv use only.
    -Basically created for the powervalved,big bore..300,310,330, stroker,ect. Big bore 350X's encouraged as well.
    -This is where you will end up at if you don't meet the stock class requirements.

    4. Open Class.

    Effective 2012 Trikefest the following for the open class:

    - Trikes only
    -All motorcycle or alternately based/customized machines.
    -drag pipes or any custom. ok
    -swing arm, any length
    -wheelie bars,ok, please use best judgment on building these. any loose bars will be asked to
    tighten them up,before running. there for helping you not flip,not causing you to flip.
    -fuel, Any fuel,race gas,alcohol,Nitrous oxide, all ok
    -Tires,any tires
    -studs, ok must be for atv use, (Ice screws),no picks

    Open class will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

    Open class will have a 1-2-3 CASH PAYOUT.

    $200 1st place.


    $50 2nd place.


    $25 3rd place.

    NO ENTRY FEE!!!!!!!!!!

    You CANNOT run the open class and any other class with the same bike.

    If you don't like the way we set the rules in this class, or don't like the decisions made by us, go kick rocks. Respectfully. This class will be a privilege to race in. No one is buying into it or paying for anything. Period. With that being said, this was done with the idea in mind to help coax people to jump from the Modified class to the Open Class where there is more competition, and I want everyone to remember this is still a "For Fun" event.

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