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  • Race Report: NYTRO August 11th & 12th Motocross and TT Race

    Story by Debbie Robinson.

    Saturday Aug 11th the truck was loaded and ready to head out to Delevan, NY for the races at Arcade Speedway and Air MX. This would be my second race being a part of this amazing 3-Wheeling family. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never been to a TT race. I was in awe of the track and excited to see the guys race. We got there at 10am and set up camp. One by one they started to arrive and get their camps set up for the 2 day event. The area is quite large and all of the 3 wheeler gang were camping together in the back corner by the motor cross track. The nice thing about camping at Air MX is that its family orientated. They have a small area in front of the Motor Cross track for kids to practice. By 3:30 everyone had arrived, bikes were getting new pipes and the finishing touches being done. Finally it was time to practice. The guys were all in the same pit and amped to get racing.

    One by one they came to the line and you could see it, they were ready, the green light came on and they were off. Pete Thompson and Jon McKane had a great battle in the heat, so close in fact that Jon’s handle bar got into Pete’s side. Battles behind them were just as fierce. Nate Clary and Ben Meyer got sideways in the corner causing a caution flag. Eric Tilton and Jason Smay caused the next caution as they got hung up. In the end it was Pete taking checkered flag in the heat race.

    Back in the pitts the “family” came together to get Bryan Raffa’s bike back in working order. The carb was pulled and cleaned and the ground wire tightened up. After about an hour wait it was time for the Main. They came to the line and once again were ready to rock. At the green light it was all McKane. He came out hard and led the whole way. Pete tried to catch him but to no avail. The battle for 3rd was fun to watch between Nick and Raffa. One lap Nick had it, the next Raffa. The four of them pulled away from the field. A good time was being had by both racers and fans. In the end it was Jon McKane 1st, Pete Thompson 2nd and Nick Walters 3rd. As they all came back to camp a bonfire was built and the stories were told. As a new comer it was fun to hear about the things they had done and where they want to take 3 Wheeling.

    Day 2 started with Raffa finding out what was wrong with his bike. Eric and Ben came over to lend a hand, it ended up being an electrical issue. He found that the radiator rubbed through the wiring harness and was arcing out. They then got their bikes set up for the Motor Cross track. Two new riders showed up, John McLaughlin and Jake Savage. Once again they got suited up and ready to practice. Jake took off like a shot but halfway through Raffa caught him and took the lead. You could tell how much more grueling Motor Cross is by the looks on their faces as they went by. I think I was most impressed by Amanda McKane, she raced with the boys and did a great job.

    After practice the weather became some what of an issue. Rain and sun were having a battle all their own. We all huddled together under the canopies and waited it out. Finally mother nature was good to us. They started the Main. Jake and Raffa pulled away from the field and had a good battle. Ben had a little mishap in the corner and it looked to me like he was upside down but he said later” nope, landed on my feet”! The women at the check in later said it looked like he planned it on the video, a perfect roll. They ran a 10 minute Main in the mud and it was Raffa 1st, Jake Savage 2nd and Jon McKane 3rd. Amanda did an awesome and I applaud her for running with the boys. They were all a muddy mess after the race and exhausted but huge smiles were on all their faces.

    Trophies were given and camp packed up, the weekend was over. I think the best line I heard all weekend was from a little boy who was watching the race, he looked up to his dad bright eyed and said have you ever seen these before? They are cool!

    Editors Note: The above story is part of a new project here at 3WW to have coverage of three-wheeler racing and competition across the country. If you attend a three-wheeler competition event and are willing to write an article for the site and provide pictures, we may be able to pay you in exchange for your time and effort. Please Contact us for more information including guidelines.

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    1. just ben's Avatar
      just ben -
      vey nice job debbie, for the record my trike was upside down twice in that race, it flung me off like a catapult both times and I landed on my feet both times. LOL
    1. Sawfly's Avatar
      Sawfly -
      Quote Originally Posted by just ben View Post
      vey nice job debbie, for the record my trike was upside down twice in that race, it flung me off like a catapult both times and I landed on my feet both times. LOL
      normally mine just lands on top of me. but i ride gravel and mountain trails.
    1. CRAZY70MAN's Avatar
      CRAZY70MAN -
      Great job. The last line says it all in my book!
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