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  • Arizona Off Road Promotions Hosting a Baja-Style Trike Race! [UPDATED! 10/23/14]

    [UPDATED! Please click!]

    Taking place on November 15th, Arizona Off Road Promotions (AORP) is hosting a very Baja-style inspired race, featuring quads and bikes, but notably also three wheelers. The race is expected to last an estimated hour from start to finish, and will cover various terrain including sandy washes, rocky trails, long whoop sections, silt beds, twisting desert trails, long, high speed straightaways, and various other types of treacherous terrain. The race is expected to be physically grueling and tough for all riders and is not for the faint-hearted. All riders will be supplied with transponders (likely in real-time) to compare various times against the other classes being dirt bikes and four wheelers. This is a great time to show those quad riders that an extra wheel slows them down! These types of races are rare, but exceptionally rare to be allowing a three wheeler class. We expect to see you all out there supporting our love for trikes! You can find more information about the event and can leave your comments here.


    As we continue to bring you the latest information in the three wheeler world of things, we'd like to offer an update on the event with some details for those who may be interested in participating. For those who do attend, we encourage you (and those who may be watching from the sidelines) to take lots of pictures of this event! We'd love to feature them here on 3WHeeLeR WoRLD for all to see. Remember, these types of races are rare, so lets showcase it while we can!


    Date: November 15th, 2014

    Location: Gila Bend, Arizona

    Entry Fees: $10 Gate Fee, $60 Race Entry Fee

    Distance: 7-10 Miles Per Lap

    Practice Lap Time: 7:30-8am, 1 Lap

    Race Time: Begins at 8:30am, trikes begin around 10am

    Length Until Completion: Approximately 1 Hour Start to Finish

    Poker Race: There will be a non-competitive 20 mile poker race on a different course from 3-5pm following the main event. All are welcome to attend.

    Other Notes: Most three wheelers should be able to complete the race on 1 full tank of gas, but there will be a pit station to refuel on each lap if needed.

    Promoter: Kyle Krause

    Contact Information: Kyle@arizonaoffroadpromotions.com OR (623)363-9665

    Directions: Take Highway 85 into the Town of Gila Bend, the road will eventually turn into a road called Pima Road, then turn east onto Martin Ave continue on Martin Ave & go over the railroad tracks and then take a right onto Bens Road, then take a left onto Cemetery Road continue down the road until you go back under the highway. There will be signs from this point leading you to the pits/parking area for the race.

    We expect to see you there!
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