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  • Reproduction Dunlop KT577A Tires Now Available

    Thanks to a large personal investment by forum member bboyrise, the Dunlop KT577A tire, which as many enthusiasts will know, was the stock rear tire on 3rd generation Honda 250R's and have been discontinued for quite some time. The tire is branded as the high performance "CHEETAH HP577C" to avoid copyright infringement since Dunlop did not wish to participate in it's reproduction, but is identical to the original OEM Dunlop tires found on the Honda machines (noting the same tread pattern, traction, performance, and size) which can help more riders looking for an OEM-style machine and restorers. However, originality is always prefered in that regard, and the value for original Dunlops in good shape will continue to rise. The tire will come in the original 20x10x9 size. We will keep you up to date on this developing story and let you know when the tires go on sale and for how much.

    We also recommend reading about the producers past history by checking out this link.

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    1. Darius1502's Avatar
      Darius1502 -
      This is awesome!! Any idea how much???
    1. slashfan7964's Avatar
      slashfan7964 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darius1502 View Post
      This is awesome!! Any idea how much???
      I think a price was given in the thread, although off the top of my head I can't recall. I'd check there.
    1. jakep53's Avatar
      jakep53 -
      price was 225 a pair
    1. Darius1502's Avatar
      Darius1502 -
      Very cool...nice!
    1. honda200x1987's Avatar
      honda200x1987 -
      Has anyone been using these tires yet?
    1. Cheetah Tires's Avatar
      Cheetah Tires -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darius1502 View Post
      This is awesome!! Any idea how much???
      Tires in stock and ready to ship, feel free to ask any questions. You can also visit our website at www.hpcheetahtires.com
    1. Hazmat's Avatar
      Hazmat -
      Ok where are they st
    1. Red Rider's Avatar
      Red Rider -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazmat View Post
      Ok where are they st
      They don't list their street address in their contact info, but you can call them at: (786) 879-2040 or email them at: sales@hpcheetahtires.com
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