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  • Yamaha WR426F Trike Conversion!

    Originally posted on the forums back in July of 2013 by forum member Derrick Adams, we thought this Yahama WR426F conversion was done so well and so fantastic that it was worth mentioning here on the front page. It was built with only two things in mind: to build a OEM style modernized Yahama three wheeler and to keep everything "bolt on". This conversion was done absolutely right. The WR bike was chosen simply because it was cheap and easy to come by. The original frame was not modified in any way, allowing the bike to be re-converted back to a two wheeler at any time (but we ask ourselves we would you even want to?). The rear end of the machine was assembled using a careful selection of YFZ quad parts, but required a good amount of work to make possible. This included fabricating adapter plates, narrowing the swingarm and making several custom bushings. However, the end result shines, and all that hard work was definitely worth it in the end. Check out all the pictures, read about the build as it came together and leave a comment by clicking here.
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