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  • 2015 Trikefest Fundraiser machine - Big Red 250ES! Details inside

    This is a little bit of a throw back to our original fundraiser machine back in - 2005 I believe it was? It was a super nice condition Big Red 250 back then. Last years custom built ATC70 and the prior year to that Yamaha Tri-Z are hard machines to top! We've all watched the value and desirability of these nice condition 2nd generation Big Reds continue to rise over the past few years. We thought for a change up just a super nice no frills but ready to rock and roll cruiser bike would be something welcomed. And yes, this is the very same bike that graced the banner and top of 3WW for many months after 2014's Trikefest!

    If you've never really put some seat time in on one of these beauties, allow me to try and describe with written words what the experience is like.

    Firstly, they have what seem to be a nearly unlimited amount of low rpm grunt and torque. You put one of these babies in 1st gear, and it will literally tractor right up hills, over obstacles, and probably pull more than a little effin' tractor really ought to!

    You can put a tank of gas in it and ride for what seems like an eternity. I'm pretty sure God rides a Big Red 250ES, because they both never seem to run out of gas.

    They are SMOOTH trail goers! You aren't taking it off of any sweet jumps, but small logs, rocks, ruts, and washboard make you feel like your gliding across the trail on a carefully woven stack of fine women's lingerie moreso than a 410lb iron rubber and plastic composed beast that it is.

    They look awesome. They have this sort of timeless look, the Honda guys knew what they were doing. Its hard to find anything on a Big Red you could call ugly or unattractive!

    And finally, it actually IS a Big Red! How many times do you encounter someone asking about your US90, Tecate, 250R, or Tri-Z and hear the words "Hey man, aint them one of them Big Red 3wheelers? Buddy of mine in high school had a Big Red 3wheeler!". Everything is ALWAYS a Big Red, if its a 3wheeler. Now you can answer them matter of factly that it infact IS a Big Red.

    Your COAs for this year's fundraiser can be obtained here; http://shop.3wheelerworld.com/produc...?productid=269

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    1. thestud25's Avatar
      thestud25 -
      Does it come with Rich's butt sweat, and sweet dog?!?! If so, I am buying twice as many COAs as I did last year!!!

      I hope to win it for real though.
    1. Ghostv2's Avatar
      Ghostv2 -
      Do you have to be present to win? I mean I plan on going but if something comes up and your friends that went calls you up and says man! You missed it, you actually won! Now that's a kick in the butt.

      Either way it's supporting the forum I suppose.
    1. Dirtweed's Avatar
      Dirtweed -
      Sweet! I'll be buying COAs. Plans are this year to attend Trikefest. I have the time off from work requested.
    1. MRSOUND's Avatar
      MRSOUND -
      No need to be present to win Ghost. Last years got shipped to Cali. Besides if ya win and aren't present I think I know someone who 's not too far away from you that could get it really close to home for you
    1. Ghostv2's Avatar
      Ghostv2 -
      Purchased my COA's, looking forward to seeing you all there and the lucky SOB who wins.

      Any sneak peaks at this years T-shirts?
    1. Billy Golightly's Avatar
      Billy Golightly -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ghostv2 View Post
      Purchased my COA's, looking forward to seeing you all there and the lucky SOB who wins.

      Any sneak peaks at this years T-shirts?
      Bit early for T-shirts still, but I'll get with Driscoll and see

    1. ironchop's Avatar
      ironchop -
      I`m still wanting a last year`s tshirt.

      So after I win this, what will Rich ride around on barking out TF daily announcements?

      and 2nd, Is the Mr. microphone PA setup included in this wonderful prize package? I would love to use it to bark out announcements here at home as currently it seems as if I`m not being loud enough to be heard.
    1. honda200x1987's Avatar
      honda200x1987 -
      That is a sweet Big Red, bought some COAs myself. If I win this beauty it will have a good home here in So IL !
    1. keister's Avatar
      keister -
      Some people were talking about going riding last weekend. My Big Red currently has the snowplow on the front, and I said to my girlfriend, "ya know, I could really use another Big Red." Exceptional timing, 3WW!
    1. RIDE-RED 250r's Avatar
      RIDE-RED 250r -
      I'll be grabbing some COA's too!

      Hoping to make it this year.. But right now too soon to tell. Cross yalls fingers that I get more OT before winter runs out so I can build up the extra time off to make it!
    1. kiser's Avatar
      kiser -
      I like it!! Big Reds are my favorite trike of all! I'll be getting some COAs for sure!
    1. slashfan7964's Avatar
      slashfan7964 -
      Hope I can make it this year. If all goes well I should be able to, but we'll see.
    1. Mr. Clean's Avatar
      Mr. Clean -
      I have zero use here in AZ for a Big Red, except maybe I can talk one of the MX tracks into letting me groom the track mid race with the big red.

      But you can bet your AZZ I am buying some COA's.
    1. ivantate's Avatar
      ivantate -
      Count me in. I thought I needed that 70, I definitely need that BR.
    1. honda200x1987's Avatar
      honda200x1987 -
      I got my COAs in the mail today! Looking forward to June 27th!
    1. jensenracing77's Avatar
      jensenracing77 -
      I sure hope I can go this year. Looks like a great Big Red!
    1. Zach's Avatar
      Zach -
      I need another Big Red, not sure the wife would agree but I will be making sure I have a chance at this sweet machine
    1. Legns's Avatar
      Legns -
      got mine hope I win
    1. kybishop's Avatar
      kybishop -
      Mine came in today. Thanks!
    1. jeswinehart's Avatar
      jeswinehart -
      Is this correct ???
      If you purchase 20 bucks worth of C.O.A.'s and get 5 of them for that money your odds are 35.4 to 1. Really , is that correct ???
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