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  • Unrestored Beauties! Share Your All Original Machines

    Do you have any machines that are unrestored and still look showroom quality, or at least still in real great shape? Show us, we'd love to seem them. Original survivors get harder and harder to come by every day, and finding mint machines is slowly going to stop. If you've got some clean machines, show them off here!
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    1. VaBeachBigRed's Avatar
      VaBeachBigRed -
      Attachment 217035Attachment 217036Here is a Pic of my MINT !! BIG RED 1986 250ES. Bought it from a Farmer who bought 2 brand new in 1986 - One for Him and One for His Wife. He Beat his All Up but She Never Rode Hers so he decided to sell it and let someone else enjoy It !
      MINT -CLEAN - NOT A SCRATCH !! Almost Too Nice to Ride !!
    1. markdb420's Avatar
      markdb420 -
      Dang that is one sweet 250ES!
    1. MJV's Avatar
      MJV -
      She's in pretty decent shape for being all original and still having all stickers. I'm sure there are way better ones out there in almost mint condition but I'm happy with my new purchase. Got a few things to do with it though.

      Attachment 245889Attachment 245890
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