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  • Dynamically Unstable Racing Gets Bangshift Shoutout, Team 3WW Decals + More!

    Dynamically Unstable Racing is making a huge name for themselves already. Sending ripples across the internet, here's some sweet stuff you guys will want to check out.

    After securing a spot on NORRA's official press release (which, by the way was pointed out that some statements are inaccurate. Yeah, we know.) for registering and building a the 1985 250R we mentioned recently, popular car website Bangshift released an article spotlighting the team for going out on a limb and racing a machine that hasn't seen a "true" Baja race in decades. If it wasn't a big deal enough that they actually got in in the first place, such a site giving the team a shoutout is huge for three wheelers and a step in the right direction for three wheeler racing. You can bet we're stoked to see that. You can check out that article here.

    Next up, it's time for some decals! Official Team 3WW decals having been penned up, by Driscoll's Surf and Skate Shop, and the first shipments have been sent out to D.U.R. for use during the big race. We will let you know when they are available for purchase for everyone. Because we are an official sponsor for D.U.R., you'll also be able to send in your donations to help make this even possible. Their team PayPal account is dynamicallyusntableracing@gmail.com. Send them in!

    We'll keep you up to date as this develops over the next few months. We are currently looking into seeing if there will be a live stream of this event on the net, and if so we'll be the first to bring it here for you to watch. Stay tuned!
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