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  • Battle at the Barn 2015! Pics Inside!

    Photo's from 2015's Battle at the Barn are here! Check them out!

    The popular indoor coke syrup racing has returned for another year!

    Be aware these photo are very high resolution, so they may take some time to load.

    Comments 5 Comments
    1. Outlaw #24's Avatar
      Outlaw #24 -
      Thank you for this ? Great shots and I do not think any of us had any idea. What a Surprise . Thank You Billy?
    1. BWard's Avatar
      BWard -
      Great Pictures !!!!
    1. fasteddieb's Avatar
      fasteddieb -
      simply awesome!!! Thank You Billy
    1. fasteddieb's Avatar
      fasteddieb -
      when I was there I ask them how much for the digital image file full resolution they told me $65 per image! But that wasn't Chuck Stone I don't think!
    1. slashfan7964's Avatar
      slashfan7964 -
      Yes, Billy pulled through and had these photographed for us, and then he sent them to me to post here for you guys.
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